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The JVK Wealth Management Service

Architecturally designed for clients with household investable assets of at least  $500,000.  Generally, our clients are over the age of 50, have strong relationships with their children and do not want to worry about providing for their family now or when they are gone. Clients benefit from an annualized advisory fee that reduces as assets grow above certain thresholds. And they are entitled, without charge to:  

No investment transaction fees  
No annual administration trustee fees  
Portfolio Sustainability Rate Analysis    
Beneficiary Verification Analysis  
Income Replacement Analysis  
Tax Refund Entitlement Analysis

1.  Investor Profile Questionnaire & Investment Policy Statement (IPS)  

  • No insurance, annuity or investment product makes any sense whatsoever outside the context of an overall plan.  This is why we start with a complete understanding of your financial & estate goals and document them in an Investment Policy Statement  
  • Clear confirmation of the rules and guidelines governing your financial assets allows you to sleep well at night

2.  Transparency of Investment Management Fees and Advisory Fees  

  • Fees are clearly reported.  Compare this to the practice used by many banks, stockbrokers and insurance companies to disclose the fees charged for investment management, trading, operating expenses, advice, account fees and HST tax  
  • You benefit from lower after-tax fees as your assets grow above certain thresholds

 3.    Secure Online Account Access & Detailed Quarterly Reporting     

  • Your investment portfolio is updated daily to view at your leisure.  Additionally, your quarterly statement will show the total amount of money you invested and your personalized rate of return    
  • This level of reporting allows you to easily track your progress towards your goals

  4.     Tax & Estate Planning  

  • We will seek out opinions from tax and legal experts to create a blueprint for the tax efficient management, enjoyment and intergenerational wealth transfer of your property  
  • This will provide you and your family with financial peace of mind
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