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Conflicts of Interest

Canadian Securities Laws require reasonable steps be taken to identify, address, and disclose potential material conflicts of interest that might reasonably arise between clients and their financial advisor and/or firm.

A conflict of interest is a situation in which JVK Life & Wealth Advisory Group (JVK), its financial advisors or employees have a personal interest sufficient to support or appear to influence the objective exercise of his or her duties to deal fairly, honestly and in good faith with their clients.

JVK, their financial advisors, and employees take reasonable steps to identify any material conflict of interest, both existing and reasonably foreseeable.  JVK requires financial advisors and employees to always exercise good judgement and work in the best interest of the client.  Where a financial advisor or employee becomes aware of any conflict or potential conflict of interest, they shall immediately disclose such conflict of interest to JVK.  This would include being a director or officer in a voting or non-voting position of a condominium corporation or non-profit organization. Prior to approving an outside business activity, JVK will take into consideration compensation, if any, to be paid under the arrangement, the nature of the relationship between the financial advisor or employee and the outside entity.  Where the financial advisor or employees’ position of influence creates a conflict of interest that cannot be managed, it will be prohibited.

Once a material conflict of interest is identified, it will be resolved in a timely manner, in the best interest of the client.

If a conflict of interest cannot be sufficiently addressed in the best interest of the client, then the conflict will be avoided.  For example, JVK has implemented policies to prohibit financial advisors and employees from:

1)          borrowing from clients.

2)         lending money to or extending credit to clients.

3)         investing in any Investment Clubs with clients.

4)         acting as power of attorney, except in the case of immediate family members.

Any conflict of interest that arises or can reasonably be expected to arise shall be immediately disclosed in writing by JVK to the client prior to JVK, or any person acting on its behalf in connection with its business or conducting business for the client.

Any known conflict of interest arising from referral arrangements, dual occupancy, or other known conflicts of interest will be disclosed to the client before account opening, or in a timely manner upon identification. For example, where a financial advisor or employee refers a client to a company in which the financial advisor or employee has an ownership interest, such as a tax preparation service.

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